New Blacks Only Football Game Steriotypes Blacks, Excludes Whites and Asians. Hispanics are pissed off too, but noone knows why…

Grab your watermelon and Kool-aid kids, because fucking Black College Football: The Xperience is here for the PC. Aren’t you intrigued? Dude, I fuckin was! The way they left out the “E” and emphasized the “X” in experience ensnared my ADHD ridden mind from the moment I saw it. It’s only happened once before, but my boner became sooo big, that I nearly passed out due to lack of blood going to my brain. No fucking Joke.

The game will come jam packed with Black collegiate rivalries, Ebonics, decent hydroponic marijuana, a few dead Dogs [courtesy of Mike Vick], a whole shitload of crappy Nick Cannon cameos! Oh, and there will be absolutely no upper middle class conservative white males. However, there will be numerous white ho’s, because everyone knows that a brotha has gotta have his white chocolate, right?

Basically this game kills it on every level. All the blacks are pissed because it stereotypes them. The whites and Asians are pissed because there not included. The Hispanics are pissed because they’re always having to pick blueberries, allowing hardly anytime for them to even play the game. The Middle Easterners are just too Allah damned busy blowing shit up and throwing rocks to even give a fuck. And the Europeans, well… they’re just disgusting. Now, Did I leave anyone out? Shit, your right! Indians! Forgot about them. But yea, they’re really fucking pissed because they don’t have any land to play the game on [yea, the white man even took their bandwidth]! Hell, why not throw women into the picture. They’re pissed because their husbands are too busy looking at the black cheerleader’s asses to help them in the kitchen.

Well, I’ve probably lost every god damn reader I’ve ever had now, so If your one of those kinda people who don’t know how to take a joke, well… you can go fuck yourself. Goodnight.




  2. I was wondering when mencia would write an article for you ;)
    just kiddin bud
    real nice blog.real nice.

  3. mencia sucks my dick

  4. this article made me laugh though

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